2016 Annual Potluck

We had a contest for our Annual Potluck this year.  Participants were given a skein of Encore yarn – all different colors – and were asked to create an item and bring it to the August meeting.  We were allowed to add additional yarn no more yardage than the skein we were given and any other embellishments.  Below are pictures of our creative genius, but first we say THANK YOU to Betsy for her hospitality.


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2014 Arts Fest

IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1157 IMG_1158



2012 Berea Artsfest Afghan Raffle

2012 Berea Artsfest booth

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2012 Chicks with Sticks
chicks2012_2 chicks2012_1

2012 Summer Picnic Blocking Demo

How to line finished projects

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Needle Felting
needle felting

All About Wool Series

2011 Stash Auction


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