If you would like to make a mitered square or two I will sew them together to make a blanket for charity donation. This can be an ongoing project. When I get 16 squares I will sew them together. If anyone would like to help crochet the border let me know.

#9 needles

  • Worsted weight yarn (Acrylic such as Red Heart or  Caron Simply Soft.   No Homespun please as it is harder to work with).

  •  Any mitered square method starting with CO 1.

  • 4 -4.25 ridges per inch, Not all worsted weights are the same. Just get close.

  • Work in garter stitch until there are 40 stitches on each side of the
    center stitch.

  • BO loosely on the wrong side.

  • This should give you a 10” square. As long as it is close, I am more
    concerned about the number of ridges as I will be sewing ridges

  • Leave a 24” or longer tail after BO for sewing.



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