ragdolls-156x179   This doll is about 8” tall
You will need:
Small quantities of washable yarn, 4-6 ply acrylic, or cotton, in bright colors, and skin colors; boucle yarn or eyelash for the hair; size 8 knitting needles; tapestry needle for sewing; crochet hook; polyester fiber for filling.

Inc – increase. To work increases, knit into the front and then the back of the stitch.
St st – stockinette stitch

Boy Doll:
Cast on 34 sts for cuff. K 6 rows.
Change to trouser color & st st 16 rows.
K 2 rows in contrast color (black) for belt
Change to shirt color and st st 10 rows.
K 2 rows in contrast color (black) for neckband.
Change to face color.
Face and Hair:
Beg row; K6, K2 tog, K18, K2 tog, K6. (32 sts)
St st 9 rows
Change to bouclé yarn for hair.
R1 (hair): Kl, inc in next 29 sts, Kl. (62 sts)
K next 3 rows
R5: Kl, (K2 tog, Kl) 20 times, Kl. (42 sts)
R6 and alternate rows K
R7: (K 2 tog, Kl) to end of row. (28 sts)
R9 K2 tog 14 times. (14 sts)
R11: K2. tog 7 times (7 sts)
R12: Cast off.

Girl Doll:
Cast on 14 sts for base.
R1: K
R2 and alt rows: P
R3 inc in every st (28 sts)
R5: K2, (inc 1, K2) 8 times, inc 1, Kl. (37sts)
R7: K2, (incl, K3) 8 times, inc 1 K2. (46 sts)
K next 6 rows.
st st next 16 rows
Change to belt color (black)
R1: (K2 tog, K2) 11 times, K2 tog. (34 sts)
R2: K
Change to color for jumper/top
St st 10 rows.
K 2 rows in contrast color (black) for neckband

Change to face color.
Continue with Face and Hair instructions for Boy Doll.

Weave a thread in face color across first row of face at the neck. Leave ends free. Sew the doll from top of head to cuff using yarn, forming back seam.
Secure remaining threads. Fill head with polyester filling, then draw thread together to form neck. Secure ends.

Girl: Fill body section making skirt wider at hemline. Pull stitches tog with yarn to close. Using matching yarn, form arms by stitching through all layers from top of skirt to four sts from neck. Add eyes and mouth with yarn.

Boy: Fill body section, and sew together to close at bottom of cuff. Stitch arms as for girls. Stitch legs, through all layers, matching back seam; and from bottom to 4 sts from waist. Add eyes and mouth with yarn.

Pocket Peace Pals
(Pattern adapted by Peggy Lunardini from “Little Knitted Dolls”)

size 7 or 8 knitting needles, 6 colors of yarn for each doll (4 for the body and then face and hair), stuffing, tapestry needle
General Hints:
• These 5″ dolls are knitted in one rectangular piece.
• Stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row) is used, (st st)
• At the end of each color (except for the shirt trim at the top and bottom) leave a “tail” of yarn about 10 inches long for finishing the doll.

• Cast on 20 stitches
• PI row and leave a tail
• Switch to pant color and follow stocking stitch for 8 rows; leave a tail
Shirt: (Use 2 colors- 1 for top and bottom trim, 1 for shirt itself)
K 1 row of shirt “trim” at the waist
St st 6 rows for the shirt; leave a tail
P 1 row of shirt “trim” at the neck (same color as waist trim)
• St st 6 rows for face; leave a tail
• Kl, increase 1 stitch in next 18 stitches, Kl (38 sts)
• P 1 row
• Kl, (K2 tog, Kl) 12 times, Kl (26 sts)
• PI, (P2 tog, PI) 8 times, PI (18 sts)
• (K2 tog) 9 times (9 sts)
• (P2 tog) 4 times, PI (5 sts)
• Cut yarn about 12 inches from work, thread the needle and slip it through remaining stitches from right to left. Slip stitches off the knitting needle and secure to the hair.


  • Stitch the hair seam closed. Save the yarn for face work later.

  • Stitch the face closed but don’t cut the yarn. Stuff the head.

  • Use the rest of the yarn to weave a thread across the first row of the face at the neck.

  • Pull it to form a neck. Secure the thread and cut.

  • Stitch the seam for the shirt and body sections but don’t cut the yarns when done.

  • Stuff the body and stitch the bottom closed.

  • Create legs by stitching the pants down the center seam from the shoes to near the shirt.

  • Create arms by stitching through all layers from the top of the pants to near the top of the shirt.

  • Finish the face using the hair color for eyes and a mouth.



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