October knitting at Grindstone Guild


Trick or treat!


Sharing what we are working on….

Sweaters, shawls, hats and felting…

More charity knitting…



Grindstone knitters get silly in September

Monthly meetings are fun and interesting.  We had some giggles at our September meeting with a claw foot bathtub showed up in our meeting room.  With perfect timing, we had show and tell for a knitted scrubbie and and a sweater with alligator buttons.

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We like to knit the same patterns and think it’s ok to show up with the same scarf someone else is wearing.


We love to share all our work.

Charity knitting.


Grindstone knitters stay busy

Our Grindstone guild knitters are very prolific.  Below is a display of the many knitted items from our ‘show and tell’ from our May and June meetings.

We have a group knitting temperature blankets using different stitch patterns and some with different color schemes, all started on 1/1/17. 20170620_20184820170620_20183320170620_201828

An exquisite show piece.20170620_201409

This slide show is from various knitters, all gorgeous pieces.

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Donna finished many UFO’s!

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