Grindstone Knitters do it with Yarn!

Last month our guild members had some fun knits to share with us!

Lora knit the CUTEST Socktapus !IMG_1210
Vicki did some serious stash busting by knitting 2 yarns together to make an extra warm very large blanket she donated to Church Street Ministries.  thank you Vicki!IMG_1206
ur Master Knitter Kathy is knitting hats for Charity.
Thank you too Kathy!!IMG_1207
A darling baby cap was added to our Charity donations, unfortunately I did not capture our members name that made this pretty cap.IMG_1211

Vicki, Donna and Karen model beautiful cowls they created.


4 thoughts on “Grindstone Knitters do it with Yarn!

    • HI Patty, I don’t update the Grindstone Knitters website as often as I should.
      Our meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Mahler Museum.
      So we have one tonight 7/21. It begins at 7:00 and usually they end around 8:30 or 9:00.
      Next month we will be at our annual picnic so the meeting will not take place in August.

      My apologies for the late notice. Please join us in September if you can’t make tonight’s meeting.

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