The Grindstone Knitters’ Guild meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Mahler Museum (118 East Bridge St., Berea).  We welcome new members interested in knitting and friendship, and look forward to meeting you!


Upcoming Events:

  • May 15Monthly Guild meeting – Kathy from Long Tail Knits will return with a weaving demonstration.
  • May 26-27:  Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster, OH
  • June 2-3:  Mid Ohio Fiber Fair in Columbus, OH
  • June 6:  Grindstone Guild Summer Picnic @ Albion Woods
  • June 19Monthly Guild meeting – we will be learning new techniques so bring a needle and yarn of any size to try some new techniques.  Also we will be giving out the WORD CHALLENGE.
  • July 17:  Monthly Guild meeting – Word Challenges will be revealed
  • August 21:  Monthly Guild meeting
  • September 18:  Monthly Guild meeting


      President – Kathy Mates

                          Vice Presidents  –  Lora Banks and Karen Ratajczak
                          Treasurer – Ilona Kocan
                          Secretary – Alberta Knaack


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