Grindstone Knitters Guild joins volunteers to “Warm up America”!

At the 2014 Berea Arts Fest, our Guild gave away balls of yarns to volunteer crocheters and knitters asking them to help us with “Warm up America”.  The volunteers have returned over 100 squares so far!   A group of our Guild members sewed the first of squares together and created our first “Warm up America” afghan.  Thanks to all our volunteers!

Volunteer squares afghan




The Grindstone Knitters’ Guild meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Mahler Museum (118 East Bridge St., Berea).  We welcome new members interested in knitting and friendship, and look forward to meeting you!


Upcoming Events:

  • May 15Monthly Guild meeting – Kathy from Long Tail Knits will return with a weaving demonstration.
  • May 26-27:  Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster, OH
  • June 2-3:  Mid Ohio Fiber Fair in Columbus, OH
  • June 6:  Grindstone Guild Summer Picnic @ Albion Woods
  • June 19Monthly Guild meeting – we will be learning new techniques so bring a needle and yarn of any size to try some new techniques.  Also we will be giving out the WORD CHALLENGE.
  • July 17:  Monthly Guild meeting – Word Challenges will be revealed
  • August 21:  Monthly Guild meeting
  • September 18:  Monthly Guild meeting


      President – Kathy Mates

                          Vice Presidents  –  Lora Banks and Karen Ratajczak
                          Treasurer – Ilona Kocan
                          Secretary – Alberta Knaack